Workology is the Art and Science of Work.

At Workology, we're committed to fostering a culture of learning for HR, managers, and talent acquisition leaders. In 2017, we developed a proprietary learning system called LEARN by Workology. Our online learning platform delivers courses on-demand whether it's ongoing learning and development courses  for courses and memberships including Upskill HR, Ace the HR Exam Course, Ace the HR Exam Audio, and HR Practice Test. We are committed to helping workplace leaders increase their knowledge base and earning power.

The Workology Online Learning Platform is LEARN 3.0. This latest version launched in February 2020 is now separate from the main Workology site and offers more streamlined access with a new sign in page, easy access to our your member dashboard and offer an easier way to connect with our support team and resources. If you need help, please visit our FAQ page, chat with our support bot, or email us at Our support team works Monday-Friday from 9:30-5:30 PM in the Eastern Time Zone. We aim to respond to your support requests within 24 hours.

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