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Take Your SHRM or HRCI Certification Prep To the Next Level with Ace The HR Exam Audio Course

Dear HR Pro, 


If you’re busy like me. You’re juggling A LOT. From being a mom to managing a career, and trying to juggle all the things that come your way, it’s hard to find time to focus on YOU and study for your HR certification exams. I designed this course for you after I experience the EXACT same things. As HR leaders and busy parents and adults, I designed this course with you in mind. It’s time to start working smarter not harder as you prepare for your HRCI and SHRM certification exams. 


I look forward to supporting you and helping you ace your HR exams.

Introducing Our Ace The HR Exam Audio Course …

Are you ready to start studying for your HRCI and SHRM certification exams, the SMARTER way? If yes, you need to tap into the power of audio with our Ace the HR Exam Audio learning course. 


This course is perfect for busy HR pros who love learning with audio. If you love podcasts or love to multitask, this course is perfect for you. Our Ace the HR Exam audio course offers 7 plus hours of audio learning in 30 minute digestible episodes or lessons focused on key topics and categories that are essential to passing your HR certification exam. 

You’ll receive access to our best audio content to help you MAXIMIZE your studying efforts with audio learning. Take Ace the HR Exam Audio with you at the gym, on your evening walk, during your commute, or at your kid’s soccer practice. We don’t judge. You’re busy and we’re here to help you ace your HRCI and SHRM certification exams.

Why You Need Ace The HR Exam Audio Course

The Ace the HR Exam Audio offers CUSTOM and unique content designed to improve your knowledge retention so that you can subconsciously recall important HR test terms on exam day. 

  • Perfect for HRCI and SHRM exams 


  • Easy to access on your mobile device or computer


  • Audio lessons exclusive to this course 


  • 30-minute bite-sized lessons designed for busy HR pros 


  • Science-based learning maximizing your study time 


When You Pass Your HR Certification, You'll Feel Like This…

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When You Don't Pass Your HR Certification, You Might Feel Like This...

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And I am working hard to avoid the latter. I want everyone to celebrate and elevate their work in human resources especially through HR certification. My HR certification audio course can help! 


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Once You Enroll in the Course, You'll Receive...


  • 7+ hours of audio learning in 30-minute lessons with 24/7 access



  • Unlimited access to our course for 12 months with no limit to the number of listens 



  • Audio lessons are only available with this course. (Many of these lessons are offered nowhere else and are exclusive to THIS course)



  • Special 75 question HR practice test audio lesson



Today, you can order the course at the highly-discounted, one-time investment of just $39

Over 1,000+ Ace the HR Audio Students and Counting...

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Let's grow together.

 PS - I've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide to the HR Certification Prep Audio Course

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