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Dear HR Leader, Are you preparing to take your HR certification exam but don't have time to get in countless hours of studying? We've rolled out our Ace The HR Exam Course that focuses on the foundations of studying for the HR Certification exam including:

  • Access to our 700+ important HR terms and 27+ hours of on-demand review available in audio, video,and ebook formats RIGHT NOW and on YOUR SCHEDULE


  • Simple study tips to help you ACE either or both the HRCI and SHRM certification exams


  • Resources on how auditory and other learning strategies reinforces your memory increasing your knowledge retention by as much as 50%


  • Resources on how to improve your study schedule with a PROVEN pass rate of 95% for SHRM and HRCI Certification Exams


  • The foolproof strategy to prepare for and ACE your HR Certification Exams


  • Attend our LIVE Study Sessions offered up to 4 hours a month with review customized to your specific needs.

700+ HR Terms & Concept

Study Strategies Offering a 95% Pass Rate

Audio & Video Content

Live & On-Demand Review Options

Our Ace The HR Exam is Perfect for HR Leaders who are Taking the HR Certification Exams...

Our Ace The HR Exam Course focuses on strategic test-taking strategies from experts and custom content based on if you're taking the SHRM-SCP, SHRM-CP, PHR, or SPHR certification exams including:

  • Multiple audio and video lessons from EXPERTS that on test taking strategy and HR review.


  • Simple study tips to help you pass either HR certification exams.


  • Downloadable resources that will help you PASS for the HR exam.


  • Two guided meditations to help ELIMINATE stress and anxiety.


  • The foolproof strategy to prepare for and pass your HR Certification Exams.


  • 27+ HOURS (Yes 27) of study content, resources in audio and video formats.

Lessons From HR Experts

HRCI & SHRM Lesson Reviews

Valuable Test Taking Strategies

Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Human Resource Practice Test

I care about HR certification because I'm certified myself and over the course of my career my HR certification has been critical to getting promoted and landing new job opportunities. Employers need certification credentials like the SPHR, PHR, SHRM-SCP, and SHRM-CP to give them peace of mind that you are knowledgeable and qualified to work in the highly specific area of human resources and workplace planning strategy. Let me help you level up your HR career.

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