Dear Workplace Leader,

The topic of Diversity Equity and Inclusion or DEI in your workplace is an important one, and because of the nuances and complexities it can be a challenge of where to start. First off, congratulations to you for taking the initiative to learn more about DEI. As a leader in your organization, it's important to educate yourself first before diving into programs, training, and organizational changes around diversity, equity and inclusion.

And that's exactly why Sherry and I came together to create Align DEI. We wanted to provide you a safe space to learn and ask questions focused around DEI. This program is a training program designed to introduce you to DEI topics, ideas, and programs while also providing an opportunity for you to ask questions, learn from others, and think about how you can elevate and support diversity, equity, and inclusion at work.

Our program is six weeks. Each week has a focus and theme that offers specific on-demand training combined with live group coaching to further your growth and learning for that week.


Access our six week coaching and learning program called Align DEI for $2,499.

Six Training & Learning Modules

Online Training On Your Schedule

Live Group Coaching to Accelerate Learning

Who Should Attend Our 6-week Align DEI Coaching & Training Program …


HR leaders, executives, workplace change agents, managers, and DEI leaders can benefit from Align DEI.


In order to lead your DEI efforts, you need to have a solid understanding of what diversity, equity, and inclusion is all about. Each week we cover a new module on DEI that is 1 hour in length followed up by an hour long group coaching call.


Each six week program cohort has their own private class and an online community to connect with, learn from, and grow focused in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion for yourself and ways to support your organization. Apply now to select a program date and time that works for you.


Conscious & Unconscious Bias 

Diversity Hiring 


Emotional Intelligence 

Allyship at Work

Promoting DEI at Work


All students will receive complimentary access to the following bonus resources totaling 2 additional hours of learning & support:


- Workplace Pronoun Guide - In this 5 page guide and complimentary video training, you will learn about the importance of pronouns and why they are important to a workplace culture of inclusion.


Diversity Job Posting Template and Training - Learn how to create make your online job postings more inclusive with our template and bonus training program.

These bonus trainings are a $499 value!

PLUS...This coaching and training program is pre-approved with HRCI and SHRM for 14 recertification credits.

Align DEI is pre-approved for 14 recertification credit hours with BOTH SHRM and HRCI. 

Approved HRCI Certification Provider



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Align Experts Sherry & Jessica



Sherry is owner and CEO of CIRSBY, LLC, a keynote speaking, training, and consulting firm helping companies connect their people, processes, and profit to a sustainable work culture.

Sherry, a Kansas City native, is a pioneering force in the ever-evolving culture quotient world. With over 21 years of experience as a coach and trainer, she brings 'Common Sense thinking' and applications to her client's solutions.

Sherry believes that you cannot nurture your profit without encouraging your people with professional development. For this very reason, this is why her focus has been on diversity, equity, and inclusion to create an impactful culture quotient.

After majoring in Accounting, Sherry transferred to the Dallas area working for Marriott as an Assistant Controller and holds a degree in Human Resource Management. Since then, she has continued the second-generation ministry of education, working as an instructor for various colleges across the nation since 1999. 

With over 150 international, national, regional, and local speaking engagements each year, her events are guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, and in the end, provide your audience with information, motivation, and the courage to think differently and create real change in their personal and professional lives!



Jessica is the Founder of which began in 2005. Workology is workplace resource destination for HR, recruiting professionals and business leaders. The site was listed twice as a top 75 career resource by Forbes Magazine. She is an HR and Recruiting process and optimization consultant and a published author of Tweet This! and The HR Technology Field Guide. Jessica has been listed by Forbes as a top 50 social media power user.

Because of vast industry expertise and knowledge, Jessica’s professional opinions and expertise are sought after and sourced by publications and media including Economist, Forbes, CIO Magazine, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, and SHRM’s HR Magazine. In addition to Workology, she regularly contributes to Huffington Post, Forbes and Fortune Magazine. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer, she’s the founder of Workology and host of the Workology Podcast.

Jessica is passionated about training HR and workplace leaders and through her Workology Learning platform has training more than 7,000 HR and workplace leaders since 2016 in the areas of personal and professional development, new manager training, and HR certification prep.

Jessica is an experienced consultant and HR and talent acquisition practitioner having worked with companies like Whole Foods, AT&T, OfficeMax, Home Depot and the Chickasaw Nation. She has extensive experience in HR and talent acquisition trends and processes.