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I am so excited to share this with you! This book has been a labor of love and is a culmination of conversations, research, experiences, and support I’ve received and experienced throughout the past two decades of my professional career.

The most important thing I wanted to accomplish with this book was to take the mystery out of recruiting in the digital space. For most of us, HR and talent acquisition is a long-term career. If you’ve been in HR as long as I have, you remember when you placed help-wanted ads in a print newspaper, posted a job or two on Craigslist, but as far as developing an entire digital recruiting strategy? We have a lot to keep up with already, and adding search engine optimization (SEO), best practices for online job posts, new social networks every few years…all of this can feel really overwhelming. This is the book that breaks it all down for you, from video job ads to artificial intelligence to diversity and accessibility in an online world.

- Jessica

What are they saying?


Jackye Clayton

VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI, Textio

“Jessica Miller-Merrell has always had the rare skill of taking complex information and creating digestible chunks of information. In Digitizing Talent, Jessica gives thorough explanations of the digital transformation that has occurred in the Talent Acquisition and Recruiting space. From how we have gotten here to the future of work, Jessica has written a must-read book for all responsible for the people function. The digital recruitment space is moving at a breakneck pace. Read Digitizing Talent to make sure you do not get left behind!”


Tim Sackett

SPHR, SCP, HR/Talent Tech Analyst, Influencer, and Creator

“Candidates don’t magically appear from the internet. It takes knowledge, strategy, and creativity. Jessica gives you all of that and more in this book! She did the work and the research to help you attract and land more talent.” 


Marylene Delbourg-Delphis

Serial Technology CEO, Board Member and Author

“An extremely informative guidebook that encompasses all the aspects of data and business processes digitalization. This comprehensive overview will help HR Professionals revamp their overall approach to recruiting in a consistent fashion and smoothly operate the digital transformation necessary to attract and connect with the candidates they need in an era of evolving social and cultural traits as well as fast-changing business and market requirements. This book is not bluntly preceptive. Instead, Jessica takes readers through her own journey and adeptly shows how she herself was able to progressively shed the analog mindset embedded in older technologies to embrace on a professional level the digital savviness we understand and practice in our everyday lives and how more technology, not less, is crucial to resurrect the human dimensions of recruiting.”

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