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Dear HR Leader,

Working in a role within the HR profession, we are often the developers of programs focused on training, employee engagement, and personal development for everyone within the organization except for ourselves. 

The need for human capital and people experts in our organizations has never been greater, which is why I believe it's important we focus on our own personal and professional development. Our organizations need us in HR to be functional experts on a growing variety of topics from HR technology, recruiting, employee retention and growth strategies while also serving as coaches for entry level employees all the way up the ladder to our executive teams. This requires a ROBUST and very DIVERSE set of skills. It's time we invest in our own personal development as a way to impact the larger organization. 

In 2018, I made a personal choice for the first time in my life to fully devote myself to my own personal development and growth. I attended seminars, workshops, hired a coach, took hours of classes and courses, and spent all my free time reading books. This was hard because I was programmed to believe that if I wasn't working 60+ hours a week I wouldn't be successful in my job, life, and career. I was wrong. 

The real value in my role as an HR consultant and expert was my knowledge, resources, and expertise and not the number of hours I was punching on the clock. Workology's HR Training Membership is designed to elevate your HR and business knowledge. 

Let me help you level up your HR career. 


Upskill HR Training by Workology

Why You Need Our Upskill HR Membership…

We are all busy with not just our jobs but our lives as well. Our Upskill HR Membership helps you INCREASE your human resources knowledge giving you INSTANT access to cutting edge HR resources, community, and support. 

This membership level gives you access:

  • Nearly 100 hours of on-demand HR audio and webcast courses 
  • Private Membership and Peer Community 
  • Once a month live trainings 
  • Access to an executive coach 
  • Discounts on our virtual conference and HR Retreat

The Upskill HR Membership provides you cutting edge HR resources to give you a competitive edge and support your organization in a new and exciting way.  

To Successfully Level Up Your Organization, You Need to Focus on These VERY Important Topics Like... 

  • Practical application for latest HR technology adoption and implementation

  • How robots and artificial intelligence are transforming the workplace 

  • Training your managers to lead the remote workforce 

  • Recruiting and hiring in this competitive job market using online advertising and social media 

  • Training and developing your future leaders and executive team

Although the process for getting started and seeing results is pretty straightforward...



Once You Join, You'll Receive...

noun_Magnifying Glass_157532

  • Access to nearly 100 hours of HR webcasts and podcasts RIGHT NOW and on YOUR SCHEDULE
  • HRCI and SHRM recertification credits for all webcasts, podcasts, and online courses  
  • Group executive and leadership coaching  

  • Access to once a month live Q&A from HR practitioners and experts
  • Private community HR & recruiting practitioners 
  • Member discount for learning & digital summit events 


Plus, a whole lot more…

We're HR practitioners and leaders too. We provide the most comprehensive and customizable resources for HR professionals who want to elevate their HR game. If you're looking for practical resources and suggestions, this is the membership offering for you...

"This Sounds Great… How Much For Instant Access?"


"This Sounds Great… How Much For Instant Access?"



Most HR pros are so focused on developing and growing everyone around them except for themselves. With technology advancing, employees expecting consumer-like experience, and the red-hot economy, companies are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage with their people. This is moving the spotlight on HR. 

It's HR and your time to shine. Workology's Upskill HR Membership gets you up to speed quickly on the latest advancements and trends while connecting you to other HR practitioners to elevate your learning and personal growth even more. 

Did I mention that our membership offers HRCI and SHRM recertification credits? Maintain your HR designation without all the hassles and endless vendor emails and phone calls after you sign up for a free webinar or after attending a conference.


Publications Like Harvard Business Review Believe

the Future of Learning & Leadership Development is Personal…


Why is that? It's because traditional training and development programs aren't moving and advancing at a fast enough pace. They don't offer CUSTOMIZATION for the learner using a variety of resources quickly and efficiently that's time-sensitive and scalable which is why digital, and peer to peer connection through Workology's Upskill HR Membership is the key to drive your professional transformational change.

It's not because it's all that hard, but because much of our accepted learning professionally has always happened in a traditional classroom or conference setting. Unfortunately, these type of events and activities aren't designed to support you after the event.


Your Professional Growth in HR Should Feel Like This...


But Maybe You Feel Like This After You Attend a Conference or Other Online Event...

And this is exactly why I'm working so hard for you and others like you to avoid at all costs.


I want everyone to feel EMPOWERED and EXCITED about the work they are doing in human resources. My HR Training Membership on Workology is designed to help you ELEVATE YOUR OWN HR SKILLS and support your organization in a better way! 

When you invest in our UpSkill HR Membership today, you get…


    • CUTTING EDGE resources for HR pros to help you elevate HR and how you support the organization in the form of courses, community, and customized resources designed for HR by HR


    • You will receive a TOTAL of nearly 100 HOURS of Webcasts and Podcast Courses


    • And access to our own private digital HR community 

…it would be very easy to put a price tag of $1,500, or more, on this online community and digital training platform built for HR pros by HR pros. But, when you grab this today, you won't pay $1,000, or more. 


What People Are Saying About our UpSkill HR Membership with Workology...



Starting in March 2020, this offering will be increasing in price to $599/year with new and more robust features. Sign up now to lock in the 2019 price of $299/year. 


The current HR Training Program will be increasing in price in 2020. You'll get everything above and more. The price starting March 1, 2020 will be increasing to $599 annually.


Today, you can get in at the highly-discounted, one-time investment of Our Pre-Launch price of $299 for the year. 


Did I mention this gets you access to nearly 100 hours of online HR courses plus, live access to our members-only two times a month webcasts and live Q&As?

Whatever you do… don't wait! If you come back later, the price may be higher, and I can't guarantee how long the doors to this will be open at this low price.

The good news is there's no reason to wait because I'm about to make this even better...


When You Take Action Today, You'll Also Get These Fast Action Bonuses…


Fast Action Bonus #1 - Access to our Favorite Meeting Ice Breakers 


(Valued at $49)


These are my own time-tested ice breakers she uses during her workshops and keynote speeches.

Fast Action Bonus #2 - HR Metrics White Paper and Dashboard


(Valued at $79)


Access our popular HR Metrics publication and customizable HR Metric Spreadsheet and Dashboard 

But please… don't wait, because I'm about to make this even easier.


Take The Next 14 Days To Try This Out On Our Dime...

I don't want anything to hold you back from getting a clear on your personal and professional goals. That's why you're going to get the opportunity to get access to this membership and get started for the next 14 days with zero risk.

If for ANY reason or even NO reason at all, you're not 100% satisfied with our courses and community, simply let me know, and I'll promptly refund every single penny of your tiny investment…  No questions asked!

I know that what you learn inside will give you everything you need to get started and start seeing results right away.

That's why I'm willing to take on 100% of the risk…

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PS - I've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide to the HR Training Membership by Workology.

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Upskill HR Training by Workology