HRETEAT 2021 Nov 11th - 12th

Our HRetreat is back and packed with two days of topics focused on DEI, hybrid feedback, and support metrics for senior HR leaders. Join us on November 11th and 12th, 2021 from 10 AM-2 PM CST.

Day 1 is focused on DEI including a panel special diversity bias training. Day 2 is focused hybrid feedback and support metrics for senior HR leaders. 

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Speakers at the 2021 HRETREAT

Jessica Miller-Merrell will discuss the secrets to building rapport during digital times. As many of us are working online, Jessica will share techniques and tools that are essential for everyone to thrive in the new digital workplace. This session is perfect for everyone and can be passed on to managers, employees, and executive leadership. 

Jessica is an author, speaker, human resources professional, and workplace change agent focused on human resources and talent acquisition. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer. She's the founder of Workology and globally recognized in HR, talent acquisition, and consultants focused on process optimization. 


Sherry Darden is owner and CEO of CIRSBY, LLC, a keynote speaking, training, and consulting firm helping companies connect their people, processes, and profit to a sustainable work culture. Sherry, a Kansas City native, is a pioneering force in the ever-evolving culture quotient world. With over 21 years of experience as a coach and trainer, she brings 'Common Sense thinking' and applications to her client's solutions.

Sherry believes that you cannot nurture your profit without encouraging your people with professional development. For this very reason, this is why her focus has been on diversity, equity, and inclusion to create an impactful culture quotient.

After majoring in Accounting, Sherry transferred to the Dallas area working for Marriott as an Assistant Controller and holds a degree in Human Resource Management. Since then, she has continued the second-generation ministry of education, working as an instructor for various colleges across the nation since 1999.

With over 150 international, national, regional, and local speaking engagements each year, her events are guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, and in the end, provide your audience with information, motivation, and the courage to think differently and create real change in their personal and professional lives!


Gordon Tredgold is a former corporate warrior who successfully delivered complex $100m projects, ran $300m departments and led global teams’ of 1000 staff. He has helped clients reduce operational costs by $350m, increase performance by 50%-500% and helped entrepreneurs triple their revenue in just 12 months.

Now, Gordon’s a highly sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership, Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence. He’s been recognized by Global Gurus as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker’. Gordon’s work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Addicted 2Success. He’s written 4 books and his last book FAST was a finalist in the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year.

Gordon preaches simplicity in everything and has developed a highly successful FAST Approach which he has shared with clients including Accenture, GE Aviation, Allianz, Baxter International, Arizona Dept of Child Safety, American Airlines and many others.


Annie Rosencrans is the new Director of People & Culture, US at Hibob. She's led People Operations for several high growth organizations including NY-based startups, Namely and Knotel. She brings a breadth of experience across the HR field with a specific focus on HR transformation and change management.
2nd Set of Speakers at the HRETREAT 2021

Vivian Best believes in the value of social connection and the process of creating support in our modern lives with and beyond our devices. She inspires positive change, building thoughtful communities to bring great awareness and hope for growth, change, and possibility through her work. She is a facilitator for conversational and public speaking events; she is a WomanSpeak Facilitator and Trainer and has used Sparked, tools from the School of Womanly Arts and Esther Perel's "Where Should We Begin" Game of Questions to support her community to create meaningful connections, share resources, and take initiative in their lives by helping them to bring their voices to what truly matters. Vivian is also a Feldenkrais Practitioner teaching self-aware self-care. Her compassionate guidance helps bring a sense of pleasure in movement and ease to her clients.  She offers regular Awareness Through Movement classes.  Vivian loves supporting clients to move with more freedom and grace in their lives.


Julie Develin is part of the HCM Strategic Advisory team at UKG, a global leader in workforce cloud solutions. A long-time HR practitioner, she is passionate about using HR strategy and technology to improve the employer/employee experience. Julie works with organizations across the country on strategic workplace initiatives to enhance productivity, improve communication, and increase satisfaction across the workforce.


Sana' Rasul is the President & Chief Girlfriend of HR Girlfriends, a Human Resources organization dedicated to advancing the practice and culture of people empowerment. Her team of Girlfriends consult, train, educate, develop, share, promote and advocate for solutions in the field of human resource management. Sana' is also a credentialed Career Strategist, at, where she helps professionals across all industries create a next level career plan, negotiate compensation and develop strategies to land the job, not just the interview.  


Adam Bird, CEO and Co-founder of Cronofy, is an experienced entrepreneur, software architect, and developer with a passion for using technology to solve business problems. Having dedicated his working life to building technology, he wants to create tools that positively impact processes and deliver results. "When it works it can be life-changing, when it doesn't it's infuriating. I strive to create the former." 

Cronofy delivers enterprise-ready scheduling solutions to some of the biggest names in HR Tech, to help solve interview scheduling challenges while providing a first-class candidate experience. Their end-user tool, the Scheduler, can be set up in minutes and enables Talent Acquisition teams to save time and reduce the scheduling frictions within hiring. Their new ATS integrations have been built to empower recruiters and save them time, by embedding automated interview scheduling into the tools they use every day.


Gerri Allamby is currently the Associate Compliance | DE&Iiversity Manager with Unilever USA. In addition to managing Unilever’s affirmative action program proceses, Gerri also partners with Unilever’s DE&I, recruitment and talent acquisition teams to help move Unilever’s diversity, equity and inclusion agenda through Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action compliance. 

As a self-described “DE&I Warrior,” one of Gerri’s life goals is to reflect what true understanding, acceptance, and appreciation is in every person’s journey; she continually strives to amplify the voices of those that have been traditionally unheard, unseen or ignored. Gerri has over fifteen years of experience producing relevant metrics and analytics to help organizations track the impact of their inclusion strategies and initiatives to reach their compliance/DE&I goals. She is also a passionate disability and veterans inclusion advocate. 

Before joining Unilever, Gerri was a Senior Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Associate at KPMG, responsible for over one hundred affirmative action plans. Prior to that, Gerri was a Global Diversity and Inclusion analyst on the Global Diversity and Inclusion team at Johnson & Johnson responsible for the diversity and inclusion reporting for J&J’s pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer sectors.

Gerri was born and raised in New Jersey and is married to the love of her life and best friend, Rob. Together, they have a ‘blended’ family of two cockatiels and three cats.  She’s a painter, avid reader, yoga enthusiast, house music disciple, Marvel comic book geek, Star Wars fan and foodie.


Melissa Horne, holds a PhD in Black History from Rutgers University. Specializing in the history of social justice movements, Melissa’s research focuses on the historic systems of racism and oppression within historically black universities and colleges and the ways in which students and faculty have organized movements to subvert and challenge these systems.

Melissa parlays her expertise by helping clients develop targeted and strategic social justice education campaigns, influencing the policies that affect people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community.


Day 1of the HRETREAT Focuses on DEI Including a Panel Special Diversity Bias Training
Day 2 of the HRETREAT Focuses on Support Metrics for Senior HR Leaders

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