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Dear HR Leader,


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With an HR certification, you can upskill your knowledge and increase your salary by as much as 58%. Yes, an HR certification can increase your salary by 58%. 


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Why You Want HR Certification with SHRM by Workology …



Most people spend the majority of their time working…And time is limited.


An HR Certification provides you with the FREEDOM in your life to increase your income, gain credibility with an HR certification, and take on new HR roles and responsibilities...


Imagine being able to go on vacation and getting a salary increase of 58% than what you make now because of your HR Certification! 


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Passing your SHRM Certification Exam is the key to living your HR Career on YOUR terms…

To Successfully Pass the SHRM Certification Exam, The Details Are VERY Important… 

Details like...

- Prioritizing your study time

- Creating a learning schedule and system that supports your lifestyle

- Having HR pros, mentors, and a support network who can help you be accountable and learn from 

- Access to courses and information to learn and prepare 24/7 that works with your work and life schedule

Although the process for getting started and seeing results is pretty straightforward...


Up to 47% of HR Professionals That Take the SHRM Exam Fail …


Why is that? It's because there is a PROVEN, step-by-step plan to pass your SHRM-SCP or SHRM-CP exam quickly.


You could almost say there is a science to passing the SHRM Certification exam. But, most people get it all wrong when it comes to studying for the SHRM certification test.


It's not because it's all that hard, but because most people just try to "wing it" and figure it all out on their own. Plus, a lot of the information you will find out there that's freely available is not accurate.



When You Do Things The Right Way, You'll Get Results Like This…

Do Things Wrong And This Is What You'll See...


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Once You Enroll in the Course, You'll Discover

- Access our thirty-six hours of online courses using the SHRM Learning System RIGHT NOW and on YOUR SCHEDULE

- Simple steps to increase your knowledge retention and pass the SHRM-SCP or SHRM-CP exams

- Interact with our expert HR instructors and other experts via our live streams in our private members-only community

- The things most people do wrong when it comes to taking and studying for the SHRM Certification Exam

- Which HR topics and terms you should start learning about now if you want to get the best results as quickly as possible

- The foolproof strategy to prepare for and pass your SHRM Certification Exam

- How to quickly improve your test taking skills with these can't miss test taking strategies and pass the exam


Plus, a whole lot more…


This is the most complete, step-by-step guide to quickly prepare for and passing the SHRM Certification Exams… If you're looking to do it the right way, this is the online class for you...


How does this work exactly? 

We Use the SHRM LEARNING SYSTEM as the Foundation for our Prep Course but That's Not All...

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"This Sounds Great… How Much For Instant Access?"


Most people that try to study for the SHRM Certification Exam find themselves wasting time and spinning their wheels. Nearly half fail the first time taking the exam. 


That's because they try to do it all on their own or follow bad advice that they found freely online...


This course will prevent that from happening… When you invest in our SHRM Cert Prep Course today, you get…


A PROVEN PLAN for success to prepare for the SHRM Certification Prep exam!


When you consider that you get a TOTAL, 36+ SHRM Certification Course plus the SHRM Learning System...


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Fast Action Bonus #1 - Book a SHRM Study Strategy Coaching Session


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Talk with me, Jessica one on one and I will work with you to identify your areas of opportunity and help you create a customized study strategy. You'll have a clear vision and plan to move forward on how to prepare for and study for the SHRM Certification Exam.



Fast Action Bonus #2 - HR Exam Study Guide


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Some people learn better by setting goals and using a weekly goal sheet to prepare for the SHRM Certification Exam. This checklist gives you an overview of all five SHRM Learning System Modules along with a 60-day study plan.


This makes it easy to stay on track and see results even faster!


Fast Action Bonus #3 -SHRM Certification Podcast


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Hear from HR practitioners who have passed their HR certification exams and the tips and suggestions they have to help you prepare for the exam and how it has impacted their HR career.


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Let's grow together.

PS - I've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide to the SHRM Certification Study Course


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about

This online course shows you EXACTLY how to prepare for and study for the SHRM Certification Exam. Unlike many other courses this one is interactive but on demand. You can take classes on your own schedule when it's convenient for you!